To followers how understand car talk

Checked all fuses, everything seemed to be fine and battery powers everything like it should, until i try to crank the whole car up and everything fails. Im guessing the starter is the main problem (again) and will be getting a new one soon. If the weekend goes how i want it to ill look for a new ICU so my car can reach of 35 mph, hoping that fixes the problem or im screwed out a car til i get money



One Day More left on this, tomorrow will just be detailing and polishing all the major groundwork is done. Might also do a little tutorial to help people with getting contrast correct that I have been working on.

Also I hate that mask, as cool as it looks on woolie its a nightmare to draw, without access to the game trying to get good details from small Jpegs from the Wiki has driven me insane. I’ve embellished a little on the mask, adding some rivets where woolies piercings are to make it resemble him more, also some straps to the back as I could not work out how it was supposed to stay on.